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Faith Community Nurse Ministry
  Faith Community Nurses, Health Ministers, and Health Promoters carry out the vision of holistic healing and good health through all denominations and religious affiliations in an effort to embrace the integration of faith and health. The Spiritual Care Department of St. Joseph Hospital links congregations, organizations and hospital resources through the Health Ministries Network, the Advisory Board, and the Leadership Team. Faith Community Nurses are sometimes called "Parish Nurses", "Community Nurses", or "Congregational Nurses". Abbreviations are: FCN, PN, CN.
  What is a Faith Community Nurse (FCN)?
  is a Registered Nurse with active license
  has completed the Basic Preparation Course for Faith Community Nurses
  is recognized by the American Nurses Association as a professional nurse who specializes in the intentional care of the spirit to promot holistic health and prevent or minimize illness in faith communities
  uses education, counseling, advocacy and resources/ referrals, and trains and supervises volunteers
  not a "hands on" care nurse
What is a Health Minister (HM)?
  is a volunteer who works with pastoral staff, Faith Community Nurses, or an agency to create comprehensive health programs that target specific needs within a faith or community group
  has completed the Basic Course for Faith Community Nurses
What is a Health Promoter (HP)?
  is a liaison to the Health Ministry Network by promoting holistic health in a faith community or agency

The Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Course

 Course Description   This course, developed through the International Parish Nurse Resuorce Center, focuses on four dimensions of Faith Community Nursing: the spiritual, professionalism in nursing, holistic health, and the community integration of health care.   Learn more ...
 Course Testimonial      "Congratulations on such a successful and wonderful program! The Faith Community Nurses have infused our facility with a sense of mission, compassion and dedication through their work with our residents. They are are a living example of why we are in the nonprofit healthcare arena. Thank you."
   Anita Talllman, Executive Director, Christian Health Care Center, Lynden, WA

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An Episcopal view of Faith Community Nursing: practical advice.

Read Faith Community Nurse as Population Health Specialist, by Sharon Somers-Hill, HMN

Read Jan 2017 Infectious Disease Update,
   by Sharon Joni Hensley, Whatcom County Health Department

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