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This page contains a consolidated list of Resource Links sorted by category. If you know of a link that would be useful to add, please suggest it to  Carol Nickolay or the Webmaster.

    Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry, Ingersoll, ON  
      CAPNM is a professional association for parish nurses in Canada. It develops standards and curricula for the training of parish nurses.  
    Health Ministries Association, Inc., Queen Creek, AZ  
      The HMA is a professional association for faith community nurses and other health ministry professionals, with local and regional chapters.  
    International Parish Nurse Resource Center, Memphis, TN  
      The IPNRC promotes a detailed parish nursing model and provides an extensive curriculum for the training of parish nurses, coordinators, and nursing faculty. It has now been folded into The Church Health Center in Memphis, TN  
    Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries, Portland, OR  
      NPNM is an association of Parish Nurses with chapters in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. It provides parish nursing and health ministry courses and newsletters, and links to a variety of parish nursing resources.  
    Kansas Parish Nurse Ministry, Memphis, TN  
      This website gathers and redistributes a wide variety of articles related to faith community nursing.  
      HealthCare.gov is the US Government website that explains the new health care system and how it works. It lets you compare insurance options under the new system, explains your open enrollment options, lists all of the new benefits, and provides a time line for their introduction over the next few years. It is comprehensive and easy to understand.  
    Household Medicine Return Program  
      This program provides information on how and where to dispose of both prescription and over-the-counter medicines in the Bellingham area.  
    Whatcom County Needle Clean-up Kits  
      This Bellingham-area program provides needle clean-up kits and information on how to dispose of the needles.  
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