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 Prose to Ponder  

 My Dad He Is My Merlin

 My Dad he is my Wizard
 He opened up the path
 The sword in stone
 Became the words
 Esclabar at last.
 I don't know if he knew it
 He'd like to keep you guessing
 An exercise he'd like to use
 To teach us abstract thinking.
 Then those grammar lessons at
 The dinner table
 A glass of milk, I'd often think
 "Yuck, I'd rather have a soda."
 You'd use a word both big and long
 To open up discussion?
 I'd take the bait every time and asked
 You what it meant?
 Michelle and Barb would look at me
 Their glance would say it all
 You could have faked, Gail you knew
 So we could eat our dinner?
 Now we have to wait awhile so you
 Can look it up?
 Use it in a sentence, grammar lesson done.
 Dad would smile like a fox,
 I want my girls well rounded.
 Just like the Way of the Wizard
 A simply quote I saw.
 Why do you seek the full bowl
 When one spoon provides it all?
 So many times with wizards wand
 You lighten up the way
 I even know how to place a bet
 On a football game.
 Your light it shines there is no doubt
 A Wizard still today...

 A monthly contribution by Gail Wilder   ~   June 2012

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