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What Our Members Offer

Take Heart Screening
  This Cardiovascular Center's 45 minute Take Heart Screening focuses on measurements critical to heart health, including a health questionnaire, resting EKG, blood pressure & heart rate, Body Mass Index, fasting test for LDL & HDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels, blood sugar, and a private consultation with a cardiac risk-factor manager. The cost is only $55, and the peace of mind it gives is priceless. Low income scholarships are available. Contact: Brigid Vonk at (360) 788-6720.
Get My People GOING!!
  A wellness program from the International Parish Nurse Resource Center based on the Exodus story. It is for children and adults of all ages and health conditions. The 8-week program encourages participants to choose three lifestyle areas they would like to improve: such as exercise, diet, sleep, prayer, time with friends, or drinking water. "Not everyone can run a marathon, even walk a mile, or get out of a chair, yet everyone can be a part of this congregational wellness initiative." The CD is $35.

Other Useful Links

Whatcom Be Active For Life
  The mission of the Whatcom County Physical Activity Coalition is to enhance quality of life and individual health by creating a community that supports and participates in a wide variety of physical activity for people of all ages. Their site includes a comprehensive listing of local physical activity programs including senior centers, retirement communities, nursing homes, clubs, YMCA and Boys/Girls clubs.
USDA Physical Activity Inside MyPyramid
  What is physical activity? Why is it important? How much is needed? Calories used in various activities. How to increase your physical activity.
National Institute on Aging (NIA)
  Free downloads on healthy aging. Examples include Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging with chapters on endurance, strength, blanace and flexibility; and Exercise & Physical Activity: Getting Fit for Life, with guides to who should exercise and save exercising.
Walking with Paul
  Walking with Paul combines the physical exercise of walking with the mental exercise that comes from contemplating the Epistles of Paul, which chronicle his three journeys and trip to Rome. Participants use pedometers to log the distance they walk and their token, or avatar, is moved on a map display accordingly. To obtain a CD with the maps, a copyright release, and other information, send $20 to Grace Luthern Churlch, with "Paul's maps" in the memo line, 7300 West Division, River Forest, IL 60305, attn. MaryBeth Buschmann.
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